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My name is Brad French and I’m the 5 th generation in Wet Mountain Valley. My son Bradley that works for the business is the 6 th generation here. Came to the valley from Germany in 1870. I have been in the building industry for the last 25 years. So I guess you can put it’s a family owned business if you want. I’m not sure what else to say. I graduated from high school here. Didn’t go to college just starting working. Bradley is my only child. We have a family ranch that we own that we have had since 1900. My great grandparents bought it then. My grandpa lived in the same house on the ranch for 91 years. My mom was born in a bedroom at that house. My brother, sister and I grew up on the ranch with our mother and grandparents. So we learned what hard work was early in life.

Brad and Bradly French

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Located in Custer County but serving all of Central and Soutern Colorado.


 Whether your needs are for a large or small driveway, patio, slab or pad, we deliver quality work at great competitive rates.


We specialize in both residential and commercial concrete work. We’re available as a subcontractor as well. 


To us, trust is everything. Beyond producing the best possible product, our primary concern is to always deliver on our promises.

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